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Running Examples Of Silver Lining Apps

This lists running examples of apps that other people can clone, look
at, and even deploy if they want.  If you have another example, email
me or do a pull request on patch to `this document


`Neighborly <>`_ is a
(currently very minimal) Django/GeoDjango application.  It has fairly
complete `installation instructions
<>`_ and a
fairly complete `build script

Interactive Somerville

`This <>`__ is a
Django/GeoDjango/Pinax application to collect community feedback on a
proposed extension to the Boston Greenline.  You might want to look at
the `source <>`_ or the
`build script


`This <>`__ is a very small
application (just plain WebOb without a framework) for getting commit
events from `bitbucket <>`_ and using that to
regenerate documentation or other files.  It's what builds and the `zip files


The `Pylons <>`_ site runs on Siler Lining,
including Trac instances.  Ben Bangert `described what he did
I don't believe the actual code is in a public repository right now.