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+Ian Bicking
+Brian Rosner
+Carl Meyer
+Jannis Leidel
+Antonio Cuni
+Armin Ronacher
+Christopher Nilsson
+Curt Micol
+Douglas Creager
+Jeff Hammel
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 # General substitutions.
 project = 'virtualenv'
-copyright = '2009, Ian Bicking, The Open Planning Project'
+copyright = '2007-2011, Ian Bicking, The Open Planning Project, The virtualenv developers'
 # The default replacements for |version| and |release|, also used in various
 # other places throughout the built documents.
 * `Discussion list <>`_
-* `Bugs <>`_
+* `Bugs <>`_
 .. contents::
    :maxdepth: 1
-   license
 .. comment: split here
 of `virtual-python
-It is written by Ian Bicking, and sponsored by the `Open Planning
-Project <>`_.  It is licensed under an
-`MIT-style permissive license <license.html>`_.
+It was written by Ian Bicking, sponsored by the `Open Planning
+Project <>`_ and is now maintained by a
+`group of developers <>`.
+It is licensed under an
+`MIT-style permissive license <>`_.
 You can install it with ``easy_install virtualenv``, or from the `hg
-repository <>`_ or from a `tarball
+repository <>`_ or from a `tarball
 ``easy_install virtualenv==tip``.
 What It Does
     $ python --distribute ENV
 You can also set the environment variable VIRTUALENV_USE_DISTRIBUTE (since 1.4.4) 
-and be a good Comrade
+and be a good Comrade.
 PyPy Support
 * Updated bundled pip to 0.8.2.
+* Handed project over to new team of maintainers.
+* Moved virtualenv to Github at
       keywords='setuptools deployment installation distutils',
       author='Ian Bicking',
-      url='',
+      url='',