Sergey Schetinin avatar Sergey Schetinin committed 3445ea1

add warning when client code uses MultiDict.update() and seemingly expects .extend() semantics

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-import cgi
-from webob import html_escape
+import cgi, sys
+from cStringIO import StringIO
+from webob import html_escape, Response
 from webob.multidict import *
 from import eq_ as eq, assert_raises
     ub = UnicodeMultiDict(multi=ua, encoding='utf-8')
     eq(ub.getall('key'), [u'\xf8'])
     eq(repr(ub.getall('fs')), "[FieldStorage(None, u'\\xf8', [])]")
+def test_multidict_update_warning():
+    fcapture = StringIO()
+    stderr, sys.stderr = sys.stderr, fcapture
+    # test warning when duplicate keys are passed
+    r = Response()
+    r.headers.update([
+        ('Set-Cookie', 'a=b'),
+        ('Set-Cookie', 'x=y'),
+    ])
+    assert 'Consider using .extend()' in fcapture.readline()
+    # but no warning on normal operation
+    fcapture.truncate()
+    r.headers.update([('Set-Cookie', 'a=b')])
+    assert not fcapture.getvalue()
+    sys.stderr = stderr


 Gives a multi-value dictionary object (MultiDict) plus several wrappers
-import cgi
-import copy
-import sys
+import cgi, copy, sys, warnings
 from UserDict import DictMixin
     def popitem(self):
         return self._items.pop()
+    def update(self, *args, **kw):
+        if args:
+            lst = args[0]
+            if len(lst) != len(dict(lst)):
+                # this does not catch the cases where we overwrite existing keys,
+                # but those would produce too many warning
+                msg = ("Behavior of MultiDict.update() has changed "
+                    "and overwrites duplicate keys. Consider using .extend()"
+                )
+                warnings.warn(msg, stacklevel=2)
+        DictMixin.update(self, *args, **kw)
     def extend(self, other=None, **kwargs):
         if other is None:
         result = MultiDict.popitem(self)
         return result
-    def update(self, other=None, **kwargs):
-        MultiDict.update(self, other, **kwargs)
+    def update(self, *args, **kwargs):
+        MultiDict.update(self, *args, **kwargs)
     def __repr__(self):
         items = ', '.join(['(%r, %r)' % v for v in self.iteritems()])
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