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 * Fix disconnect detection being incorrect in some cases (`issue 21
-  <https://bitbucket.org/ianb/webob/issue/21>`_)
+  <https://bitbucket.org/ianb/webob/issue/21>`_).
 * Fix exception when calling ``.accept.best_match(..)`` on a header containing
-  ``'*'`` (instead of ``'*/*'``)
+  ``'*'`` (instead of ``'*/*'``).
-* Split ``Accept`` class into appropriate subclasses (``AcceptCharset``,
-  ``AcceptLanguage``)
+* Extract some of the ``Accept`` code into subclasses (``AcceptCharset``,
+  ``AcceptLanguage``).
-* Improve language matching code so that ``'en' in AcceptLanguage('en-gb')``
-  (the app can now offer a generic 'en' and it will match any of the
-  accepted dialects) and ``'en_GB' in AcceptLanguage('en-gb')`` (normalization
-  of the dash/underscode in language names).
+* Improve language matching so that the app can now offer a generic
+  language code and it will match any of the accepted dialects
+  (``'en' in AcceptLanguage('en-gb')``).
-* Deprecate ``req.etag.weak_match(..)``
+* Normalize locale names when matching
+  (``'en_GB' in AcceptLanguage('en-gb')``).
+* Deprecate ``etag.weak_match(..)``.
 * Deprecate ``Response.request`` and ``Response.environ`` attrs.
   (the old names will be removed in 1.3 or even later).
 * Make ``Response.write`` much more efficient (`issue 18
-  <https://bitbucket.org/ianb/webob/issue/18>`_)
+  <https://bitbucket.org/ianb/webob/issue/18>`_).
 * Make sure copying responses does not reset Content-Length or Content-MD5 of the
   original (and that of future copies).