Don't quote ':@&+$,' in SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO.

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Issue #5 resolved
Daniel Nouri created an issue

Adding an issue on Sergey's request. From the pull request:

From RFC 2396: 'Within a path segment, the characters "/", ";", "=", and "?" are reserved.'

That is, ":", "@", "&", "+" and "$" don't need to be quoted with path segments.

The current quoting behaviour easily leads to quoting hell. Consider this example:


request.environ['PATH_INFO'] '/@@mypage' request.url '' return HTTPFound(location=request.url) }}}

On the next request, request.url will be


request.url '' }}} and the redirect will no longer work.

The patch is here:

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  1. Sergey Schetinin
    • changed status to open

    One thing that seems wrong to me is the claim that the redirect will cause a different url. The %-escaping of the @ sign is not necessary, but the user-agent should not re-escape the %-sign itself. In other words, both '%40' and '@' are valid encodings of the same string.

    Having said that, I think that we should not do unnecessary escaping in req.url and related properties, so if we clear this out, I'd accept the patch w/ a different commit message.

  2. Daniel Nouri reporter

    I should've been more clear. Here's the second example with another line added:

    On the next request, request.url will be

      >>> request.environ['PATH_INFO']
      >>> request.url

    In effect, it's not the user agent that's quoting anything, It's just that request.url's quoting behaviour becomes quite annoying when you have any of these characters in the path, since it'll happily quote %40 to %2540.

  3. Sergey Schetinin

    Wait, but how did %40 get there? The WSGI server should have unescaped the SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO before passing them into the app. What server do you use?

  4. Daniel Nouri reporter

    I passed the quoted form in

        return HTTPFound(location=request.url)

    I'm using paste.httpserver and wsg_intercept.zope_testbrowser and the behaviour is consistent with the two. That is, no unescaping seems to be happen.

  5. Sergey Schetinin

    Yes, the HTTP redirect and then the request will contain /%40... but the server should set the PATH_INFO to /@...

    I'm not sure how you get that result, a demo app would be nice, but the paste.httpserver most certainly does the unescaping as required by the spec. See in the wsgi_setup method

            (scheme, netloc, path, query, fragment) = urlparse.urlsplit(self.path)
            path = urllib.unquote(path)
            self.wsgi_environ = {
                   ,'PATH_INFO': path
  6. Daniel Nouri reporter

    Looks like I'm mistaken. I can no longer reproduce with paste.httpserver. Seems to only happen with wsgi_intercept.zope_testbrowser. I'll look into wsgi_intercept, it's probably missing that unescaping bit.

    In any case, it'd be nice to land the patch. Do you want me to make a separate commit that removes the example from the commit message?

  7. Sergey Schetinin

    If you don't mind, I'll just commit the patch w/ a different message: "Make sure that req.url and related properties do not unnecessarily escape ":", "@", "&", "+" and "$" in the URI path".

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