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 Buffering and Streaming
-.. comment:
-   Are the guarantees about sending blocks meaningful or necessary?
-   Is this only for Comet-style interactions, which no one is doing
-   with WSGI?
 Generally speaking, applications will achieve the best throughput
 by buffering their (modestly-sized) output and sending it all at 
 once.  This is a common approach in existing frameworks such as

File pep-XXXX.txt

 exactly like the function in WSGI 1.0, but it is required to emit a
 deprecation warning to warns about this function being obsolete.
 `write()` will be remove in WSGI 2.0, which will be based on WSGI 1.1.
+exc_info deprecated
+The same rule applies for the `exc_info`.  If this parameter is used in
+WSGI 1.1, the server must still handle it, but warn with a deprecation