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WSGI 1.0 will be unsupported on Python 3.

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 server provided values such as `SERVER_NAME`) will not contain non-ASCII
 data because they are either numeric or URL encoded.
-Because of this future revisions of WSGI will most likely switch away from
-a raw CGI environment to require the server to provide these values to be
-quoted and available on a different key.
 If a server is unable to determine the encoding of the unquoted keys
 because they were lost in the process it **should** encode the value to
 ISO-8895-1 which is most likely what the data was originally or use a more
 reliable way to get the data (such as decoding and splitting the
 ``REQUEST_URI`` environ key if available).
+WSGI 1.0 will not be supported on Python 3.0 because of this.
 Error Handling