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Trigger events jqplotDragStart and jqplotDragStop at start and stop of dragging.

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                 initDragPoint(plot, neighbor);
                 drag.markerRenderer.draw(s.gridData[neighbor.pointIndex][0], s.gridData[neighbor.pointIndex][1], dc._ctx);
        = "move";
+      'jqlotDragStart', [neighbor.seriesIndex, neighbor.pointIndex, gridpos, datapos]);
         // Just in case of a hickup, we'll clear the drag canvas and reset.
             plot.drawSeries({preventJqPlotSeriesDrawTrigger:true}, dp.seriesIndex);
             dc._neighbor = null;
    = dc._cursors.pop();
+  'jqlotDragStop', [neighbor.seriesIndex, neighbor.pointIndex, gridpos, datapos]);