wmFuzzy is yet another clock for Windowmaker (so as with ASClock and
however many others). The difference between it and all of those (that
I know of) is that the it only gives you the approximate time and
displays it textually.

Additionally if you click on the display, it will briefly should the
current (accurate) time and date.

Why? because it seemed a fun idea and let's face it when was the last
time you cared it was 22:58 rather than "Five to Eleven?"

Further updates will be at http://www.manicai.net/comp/wmfuzzy

wmFuzzy is licensed under the GNU GPL and you should see the file
COPYING for details.

There are currently only two command line options.
-b<col> : Set the background colour. See -f.

-d      : Print the current approximation and exit.

-f<col> : Set the font colour.  Colours can be specified in two
	  ways. Either by the name ("red", "blue", "green") or by RGB
	  values.  For outstanding colours you would have to use the
	  second way anyway. But you have to note that different
	  monitors show those colours differently. Names by Colours
	  are more portable. If you want to specify the RGB value the
	  format must be "#rrrrggggbbbb" where "r", "g" and "b"
	  indicate the amount of the corresponding primary colour in
	  the target colour in hexadecimal numbers. Numbers with less
	  than 12 digits are filled with zeros so you can easily use
	  "#rrggbb" instead. Note that you maybe have to escape the
	  leading "#" in the shell.

-g<n> :   Sets the granularity of the approximation. n should be one of
	  5, 10, 15, 20 or 30, 60, 360, 720, 1440, 3360, 14400, 43200,
	  129600, 525600, or 52560000 and is the numbers of minutes
	  per quantization unit. Other values will be approximated to
	  the nearest of these. The default is 5 minutes. The larger values
	  correspond to:
	    360 : Morning, afternoon, evening or night,
	    720 : Day or night,
	    1440 : Day of the week,
	    3360 : Start, middle or end of the week,
	    14400: Start, middle or end of the month,
	    43200 : Month,
	    129600 : Season,
	    525600 : Year,
	    52560000: Century.
	  The words "century", "year", "season", "month" or "day" can
	  be used as shortcuts for those settings. Capitalization is

-h      : Displays a help message.

-v	: Print version information and exit.

Ian Glover ian@manicai.net