Cloak ElasticSearch search query so it looks like CouchDb URI

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Ian Mayo
repo owner created an issue

Once we have the search API produced:

Develop some Java mini-apps to collate the search payload, fire it to ES, then return the results to stdio

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  1. Ian Mayo reporter

    Here is one set of thoughts on how to do it:

    Hi Ian,
    I found your question perfectly clear (though I may have been the only
    one). The way to achieve this is as I described, write a new external
    handler and add it to couchdb. For comparison, couchdb-lucene uses a
    Python script (
    for this purpose.
    When you POST to couchdb at hostname:port/dbname/_fti the body is
    passed to the script, and you can then do whatever you like. In my
    case, and yours, this is to transform the input into a query to an
    external HTTP service. In my case, couchdb-lucene. In yours,

    It appears this functionality was incorporated into the trunk a year ago. But, here's a simpler version that may be easier to exploit:

    Hi Ian,
    You can certainly add your own entry points to CouchDB's REST API
    using "externals". The original version of this is described here: but I recommend the
    much enhanced version described here:

    Thanks to Robert Newson for this guidance.

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