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CELERY_ROUTES in celery-pylons Options

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Has anyone succeeded in using the CELERY_ROUTES configuration parameter with celery-pylons? celery-pylons does not seem to be able to parse out the dictionary structure of this variable from a standard pylons .ini file. Here is how the CELERY_ROUTES variable is set in

CELERY_ROUTES = {"feed.tasks.import_feed": {"queue": "feeds"}}

celery-pylons translates from the variable format XXX_XXX syntax to which is the pylons ini format. So the pylons .ini equivalent variable is named

celery.routes = {"feed.tasks.import_feed": {"queue": "feeds"}}

The code below does not adequately parse out the dictionary structure so I am unable to use the celery routing functionality in my pylons app. Am I missing something? Are there any plans to fix this? Below is the code that parses and translates the celery configuration variables for pylons.



from celery.loaders.base import BaseLoader from pylons import config import types to_pylons = lambda x: x.replace('','.').lower() to_celery = lambda x: x.replace('.', '').upper() LIST_PARAMS = """CELERY_IMPORTS ADMINS ROUTES""".split() class PylonsSettingsProxy(object): """Pylons Settings Proxy Proxies settings from pylons.config """ def getattr(self, key): pylons_key = to_pylons(key) try: value = config[pylons_key] if key in LIST_PARAMS: return value.split() return value except KeyError: raise AttributeError(pylons_key) def setattr(self, key, value): pylons_key = to_pylons(key) config[pylons_key] = value class PylonsLoader(BaseLoader): """Pylons celery loader Maps the celery config onto pylons.config """ def read_configuration(self): self.configured = True return PylonsSettingsProxy() def on_worker_init(self): """ Import task modules. """ self.import_default_modules() }}}

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