This package installs one command: createcoverage that runs your tests with and opens the coverage reports in your browser. All with just one single handy command.

Assumption: you're using buildout. Or rather, the assumption is that you have a bin/test command that runs all your tests.

No options are passed to, so any extra options you want to give to coverage must be put in a .coveragerc in your buildout's root. This is a good idea in any case :-) An example .coveragerc that omits code you normally don't want to include in a coverage report:

omit =

Installing createcoverage in a zc.recipe.egg section is enough. Createcoverage itself depends on and makes sure bin/coverage is created:

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs = createcoverage

Code, bugs, ideas

The code is hosted at bitbucket: .

You can also report issues and bugs and ideas there.

Development installation

The first time, you'll have to run the "bootstrap" script to set up setuptools and buildout:

$> python

And then run buildout to set everything up:

$> bin/buildout

(On windows it is called bin\buildout.exe).

You'll have to re-run buildout when you or someone else made a change in or buildout.cfg.

The current package is installed as a "development package", so changes in .py files are automatically available (just like with python develop).

Tests can always be run with bin/test or bin\test.exe.