Carlos Galdino avatar Carlos Galdino committed af62c84

Remove Elixir __LOCAL__

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             (r'\s+', Text),
             (r'#.*$', Comment.Single),
-             r'defp?|def|defprotocol|defimpl|defrecord|defmacrop?|defdelegate|'
+             r'defp?|defprotocol|defimpl|defrecord|defmacrop?|defdelegate|'
              r'(?<!\.)\b(do|\-\>)\b\s*', Keyword),
              r'\*\*?|=?~|<\-)|([a-zA-Z_]\w*([?!])?)(:)(?!:)', String.Symbol),
             (r':"', String.Symbol, 'interpoling_symbol'),
             (r'\b(nil|true|false)\b(?![?!])|\b[A-Z]\w*\b', Name.Constant),
-            (r'\b(__(FILE|LINE|MODULE|LOCAL|MAIN|FUNCTION)__)\b(?![?!])', Name.Builtin.Pseudo),
+            (r'\b(__(FILE|LINE|MODULE|MAIN|FUNCTION)__)\b(?![?!])', Name.Builtin.Pseudo),
             (r'[a-zA-Z_!][\w_]*[!\?]?', Name),
             (r'[(){};,/\|:\\\[\]]', Punctuation),
             (r'@[a-zA-Z_]\w*|&\d', Name.Variable),
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