Steven Collins committed d3a8ebd

Add highlighting for JSON floats, very slight correction to JSON integers.

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     filenames = ['*.json']
     mimetypes = [ 'application/json', ]
+    number_regexs = {
+        # integer part of a number
+        'int_part': r'-?(0|[1-9]\d*)',
+        # fractional part of a number
+        'frac_part': r'\.\d+',
+        # exponential part of a number
+        'exp_part': r'[eE](\+|-)?\d+'
+    }
     flags = re.DOTALL
     tokens = {
         'whitespace': [
         # represents a simple terminal value
-        'simplevalue':[
+        'simplevalue': [
             (r'(true|false|null)\b', Keyword.Constant),
-            (r'-?[0-9]+', Number.Integer),
+            ('%(int_part)s(%(frac_part)s%(exp_part)s|%(exp_part)s|%(frac_part)s)' %
+             number_regexs, Number.Float),
+            (number_regexs['int_part'], Number.Integer),
             (r'"(\\\\|\\"|[^"])*"', String.Double),
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