ParILUT preconditioner setup always returns with -115: invalid ptr

Issue #29 resolved
codecircuit created an issue

The ParILUT preconditioner calls an `magma_free` with a nullptr, which return code is checked with the CHECK macro during the setup phase of the preconditioner and always ends up in the cleanup goto statement. Thus the preconditioner cannot be initialized. See file zparilut_gpu.cpp the pointer declared in line 88 is directly given to zsampleselect in line 225, which calls realloc_if_necessary, which calls a magma_free on that pointer.

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  1. Stan Tomov

    Can you give us an example through the testers where you see this problem so that we can reconstruct it?

    In general free on a NULL pointer should be OK (no action occurs) for either free on CPU or cudaFree.

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