PGI compiler fixes for "branching into or out of a parallel region is not allowed"

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Wileam Phan created an issue

Following up on , it seems that the fixes for the sparse testing utility routines didn’t make it to version 2.5.4. I tried reusing the same patch I generated for 2.5.3 (attached here) but the patch does not apply for {s,d,c} precisions. Is it because these files are auto-generated from the {z} precision version?

For now, I still need the PGI compiler because the NVIDIA HPC SDK is not yet available at Ascent (ORNL) and Summit (ORNL). The latest version installed there is version 20.1.

Also, the “BLAS memory unallocation” errors from the same MAGMA old forum thread are due to OpenBLAS . In the meantime, I’m building with IBM ESSL 6.1.0-2 and Reference LAPACK 3.8.0 from Netlib, both of which are already installed on Ascent (ORNL).