`make clean` does not clean control/sizeptr

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Wileam Phan created an issue

I just found out the hard way that make clean does not remove the executable control/sizeptr when trying to build MAGMA 2.5.4 with PGI compiler 20.4 on Cori-GPU (NERSC) after successfully building it with NVIDIA HPC SDK 20.11. This caused compilation failures for the MAGMA Fortran interface modules control/magma_*fortran.F90 because sizeptr that was compiled with NVHPC 20.11 crashes with the following runtime error under PGI 20.4:

symbol lookup error: undefined symbol: __nv_init_env

This symbol is only defined in NVIDIA HPC SDK 20.11 and newer, but not in earlier versions (20.7 or 20.9) or PGI compilers. I first came across this error in NERSC incident # INC0163964, when I accidentally mixed together libraries compiled with different NVHPC versions in the link line.

I’d like to add the simple fix of adding


but I honestly don’t know which Makefile to modify.

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