Add CUDA 8.6 Compute capability

Issue #40 resolved
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Please add CUDA 8.6 Compute capability to list of valid architectures (RTX 30* GPUs)

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  1. Mark Gates

    I guess what is meant is that the Makefile doesn’t allow sm_86, it has only sm_80 for Ampere. PR #5 allows any sm for CMake, but it hasn’t been merged in yet.

  2. Former user Account Deleted reporter

    Yes, I am speaking about ability to pass sm_86 key. I think it will be nice to have it in Makefile as well for consistency.

  3. Mark Gates

    In SLATE, a not-yet-released change in the Makefile does it this way, which avoids having a list of known sm architectures:

        # Generate flags for which CUDA architectures to build.
        # cuda_arch_ is a local copy to modify.
        cuda_arch_ = $(cuda_arch)
        ifneq ($(findstring kepler, $(cuda_arch_)),)
            cuda_arch_ += sm_30
        [... and so on for maxwell, pascal, volta, turing, ampere ...]
        # Warn about unrecognized architectures.
        cuda_arch_unknown = $(filter-out sm_% kepler maxwell pascal volta turing ampere, $(cuda_arch))
        ifneq ($(cuda_arch_unknown),)
            $(error ERROR: unknown `$(cuda_arch_unknown)` in cuda_arch)
        # Extract architectures XX from sm_XX in cuda_arch and sort numerically.
        sms      := $(patsubst sm_%,%,$(filter sm_%, $(cuda_arch_)))
        sms_sort := $(shell printf "%s\n" $(sms) | sort -n)
        # code=sm_XX is binary, code=compute_XX is PTX
        gencode_sm      = -gencode arch=compute_$(sm),code=sm_$(sm)
        gencode_compute = -gencode arch=compute_$(sm),code=compute_$(sm)
        # Get gencode options for all sm_XX in cuda_arch_.
        nv_sm      := $(foreach sm,$(sms_sort),$(gencode_sm))
        nv_compute := $(foreach sm,$(sms_sort),$(gencode_compute))
        ifeq ($(nv_sm),)
            $(error ERROR: unknown `cuda_arch=$(cuda_arch)`. Set cuda_arch to one or more of kepler, maxwell, pascal, volta, turing, ampere, or valid sm_XX from nvcc -h)
            # Get last option (last 2 words) of nv_compute.
            nwords := $(words $(nv_compute))
            nwords_1 := $(shell expr $(nwords) - 1)
            nv_compute_last := $(wordlist $(nwords_1), $(nwords), $(nv_compute))
        # Use all sm_XX (binary), and the last compute_XX (PTX) for forward compatibility.
        NVCCFLAGS += $(nv_sm) $(nv_compute_last)

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