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papi / PAPI-Bug-Report

Bug Report Guidelines

If you encounter a PAPI problem during compilation or at runtime, such as segmentation faults, please follow the instructions below and send an email to

If PAPI cannot be installed:

We assume that you have tried to install the lastest PAPI release. Make sure you are not dealing with an older PAPI version!

  1. What is the system and architecture of your machine?

    $ uname -a
  2. What CPU architecture are you using?

    $ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "name" | head -n 1
  3. What is your compiler including compiler version you tried to build PAPI with? Example:

    $ gcc --version
  4. Send us configure.log and the whole output of "make" using "tee" as an attachment.

    $ make |& tee make.log

If PAPI was installed successfully:

  1. What version of PAPI are you using?

    $ papi_version
  2. What are the components PAPI has been installed with?

    $ papi_component_avail

    Please provide the whole output including hardware information as an attached file.

  3. What kind of node parallelization does your program use (Serial, OpenMP, PThreads, CUDA GPUS, AMD GPUS, ...)?

  4. Do you run your program directly on your system, or do you use a batch system (like SLURM, with srun)?

  5. In case of a compilation or linking error send us your compile and linking commands as well as the output as an attachment using "tee", see above.

  6. In case of a runtime error such as a segmentation fault, please build your program with debugging enabled by adding the flag "-g" to the compilation and then run it with gdb:

    $ gdb ./a.out

    Then, when it crashes, type "backtrace" (in gdb) and send us the output.