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plasma / BuildOnARM1

The best way to build PLASMA on ARM1 cluster is to cross-compile it on the login node. Login node is an Intel machine.

1) Load GCC compiler:

    module load gcc-cross-aarch64

2) Build CBLAS, LAPACK and LAPACKE using the following settings in the LAPACK file:

    CC      = aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu-gcc
    FORTRAN = aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu-gfortran
    BLASLIB = /opt/cray/pe/libsci/16.08.1/CRAY/8.5/aarch64/lib/libsci_cray.a

3) build PLASMA. To avoid linking with readline which does not exist, specify in lua_platform = posix

4) to run programs on the ARM machines one would use SLURM, for example srun -N1 ./test ...