PaRSEC is a generic framework for architecture aware scheduling and management
of micro-tasks on distributed many-core heterogeneous
architectures. Applications we consider can be expressed as a Direct Acyclic
Graph of tasks with labeled edges designating data dependencies. PaRSEC assigns
computation threads to the cores, overlaps communications and computations and
uses a dynamic, fully-distributed scheduler based on architectural features such
as NUMA nodes and algorithmic features such as data reuse.

Several high level languages are proposed to expose the DAG from the
applications. You can either build the DAG as you go, by using a mechanism
called dynamic task generation (DTG), or use the JDF language to expose a
compact problem-size independent format that can be queried on-demand to
discover data dependencies in a totally distributed fashion.

The framework includes libraries, a runtime system, and development tools to
help application developers tackle the difficult task of porting their
applications to highly heterogeneous and diverse environment.

Please read the INSTALL file for the software dependencies and the installation
instructions. Also, our wiki might contain additional information, check it out

If you are interested in this project and want to join the users community, our
mailman will be happy to accept you on the project user (moderated) mailing list

Happy hacking,
  The PaRSEC team.