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  2. HFUIKit


HFUiAppkit contains goodies for iPhone developers.  This stuff was developed for use in GroceryList (http://www.heliumfoot.com/grocerylist).  It includes:

adds a second index to UITableView.  In GroceryList we use it like this:  Tap on "C" in the index to reveal a secondary index, then tap on "Choc" in the secondary index in order to select "Chocolate Chips" or "Chocolate Milk".  See Nations.app in the SampleApp folder for an example

to show a Mail message count style bubble with text in it.

Adds the following methods to NSString:
	-(NSString *)stringByNormalizingDiacritics;
	-(NSString *)substringUpToIndex:(NSUInteger)anIndex;

This code is all licensed under the BSD license.  While there's no requirement under the license to do so, we'd definitely love to hear about it if you do. Drop us a line at info@heliumfoot.com