HFUIKit / Classes / HFMultiIndexedTableView / HFMultiIndexedTableView.h

//  HFMultiIndexedTableView.h
//  GroceryList
//  Created by Keith Alperin on 9/24/09.
//  Copyright 2009 Helium Foot Software. All rights reserved.

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import "HFMultiIndexView.h"

@protocol HFMultiIndexedTableViewDatasource;

@interface HFMultiIndexedTableView : UITableView <HFMultiIndexDatasource, HFMultiIndexDelegate>{
	HFMultiIndexView *__multiIndexView;
	id<HFMultiIndexedTableViewDatasource> __multiIndexDataSource;
@property(nonatomic,retain)HFMultiIndexView *multiIndexView;
@property(nonatomic,assign)IBOutlet id<HFMultiIndexedTableViewDatasource> multiIndexDataSource;



// This category provides convenience methods to make it easier to use an NSIndexPath to represent entries in a multi index
@interface NSIndexPath (HFMultiIndex)

+ (NSIndexPath *)indexPathForPrimaryIndex:(NSUInteger)primaryIndex secondaryIndex:(NSUInteger)secondaryIndex;

@property(nonatomic,readonly) NSUInteger primaryIndex;
@property(nonatomic,readonly) NSUInteger secondaryIndex;


//provides data to a multi index view
//keith wonders if we need to send the tableView along with these messages since it would be crazy to have more than one multiindex in a given view
@protocol HFMultiIndexedTableViewDatasource <NSObject>
 *returns a list of primary index entries
- (NSArray *)primarySectionIndexTitlesForTableView:(HFMultiIndexedTableView *)tableView;
 *returns a list of secondary index entries for the given primaryIndexTitle
- (NSArray *)secondarySectionIndexTitlesForTableView:(HFMultiIndexedTableView *)tableView primaryIndexTitle:(NSString *)primaryIndexTitle;

 *returns the index path for the table row for a given primary and secondary indeces
- (NSIndexPath *)tableIndexPathForIndexIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexIndexPath;


//Keith says:  this may not be needed since the action of selecting an item in the index is only used to scroll to a point in the table
//we could fire this (and will and didselect) message(s) if we want this to be more extensible.
//@protocol HFMultiIndexedTableViewDelgate<UITableViewDelegate>
//- (void)tableView:(HFMultiIndexedTableView *)tableView didSelectIndexAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexIndexPath
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