Bill Meltsner  committed 0e1d04d

commented out the audio capture initialization stuff so that lovers don't get concerned by warnings about being unable to open a capture device

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File src/modules/audio/openal/Audio.cpp

 		if(alcGetError(device) != ALC_NO_ERROR)
 			throw love::Exception("Could not make context current.");
-		std::string captureName(alcGetString(NULL, ALC_CAPTURE_DEFAULT_DEVICE_SPECIFIER));
+		/*std::string captureName(alcGetString(NULL, ALC_CAPTURE_DEFAULT_DEVICE_SPECIFIER));
 		const ALCchar * devices = alcGetString(NULL, ALC_CAPTURE_DEVICE_SPECIFIER);
 		while (*devices) {
 			std::string device(devices);
 		if (!capture) {
 			// We're not going to prevent LOVE from running without a microphone, but we should warn, at least
 			std::cerr << "Warning, couldn't open capture device! No audio input!" << std::endl;
-		}
+		}*/
 		// pool must be allocated after AL context.
 		pool = new Pool();