My son received a toy police car and a toy fire engine for his birthday. Both of them had lights but neither of them had sirens. I received an Arduino kit for Christmas and thought a good project would be to build a siren for both of those toys.

I did some searching around and came across this youtube video. The video eventually brought me to a git repository. I downloaded the code, built the circuit, and ran it. Everything worked. I decided to make this my starting point for the project.

I now have a working siren and I need to figure out how to integrate it into the toys. I came across a post on the Make Magazine blog describing how to use a small 8 pin microcontroller with Ardiuno code. I think this would be a good fit for my project. I downloaded the Fritzing file from the linked MIT site and started building my circuit in Fritzing.

Please see the issue tracker for the list of TODO items.

This has been tested with the Arduino Uno so far.

ATTiny45 datasheet Summary. ATTiny45 datasheet .