JythonBook / src / chapter15 / RosterTool / rostertool / templates / list_players.html

<%inherit file="base.html" />
<table border="1">
        <th>Last name</th>
        <th>First name</th>
    % for player in c.players:
    % endfor

<h2>Add a new player</h2>
${h.form(h.url_for(controller='roster', action='add_player'), method='POST')} 
    ${h.text('first', 'First Name')} <br />
    ${h.text('last', 'Last Name')} <br />
    ${h.text('position', 'Position')} <br />
    ${h.submit('add_player', "Add Player")}

<%def name="makerow(row)">
    <td><a href="${h.url_for(controller='roster', action='edit_player', id=row.id)}">Edit</a></td>\

<%def name="header()">
    <% messages = h.flash.pop_messages() %>
    % if messages:
    <ul id="flash-messages">
        % for message in messages:
        % endfor
    % endif
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