Mike Bayer  committed 2407b1f

added orig_set colleciton to Select when its declared as a scalar, to allow
corresponding_column() to return a result

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File lib/sqlalchemy/

         # into the column clause of an enclosing select, and should instead
         # act like a single scalar column
         self.is_scalar = scalar
+        if scalar:
+            # allow corresponding_column to return None
+            self.orig_set = []
         # indicates if this select statement, as a subquery, should automatically correlate
         # its FROM clause to that of an enclosing select, update, or delete statement.
         # note that the "correlate" method can be used to explicitly add a value to be correlated.
         self.__wherecorrelator = Select._CorrelatedVisitor(self, True)
         self.__fromvisitor = Select._FromVisitor(self)
         self.order_by_clause = self.group_by_clause = None
         if columns is not None: