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       join(['a', 'c']).filter(<some other crit>).all()
       in 0.4 all join() calls start from the "root"
     - added synchronization to the mapper() construction step, to avoid
-      thread collections when pre-existing mappers are compiling in a 
+      thread collisions when pre-existing mappers are compiling in a 
       different thread [ticket:613]
     - a warning is issued by Mapper when two primary key columns of the
       same name are munged into a single attribute.  this happens frequently
     - fixed catching of some errors that imply a dropped connection [ticket:625]
     - fixed escaping of the modulo operator [ticket:624]
     - added 'fields' to reserved words [ticket:590]
+    - various reflection enhancement/fixes
 - oracle
     - datetime fixes: got subsecond TIMESTAMP to work [ticket:604],
       added OracleDate which supports types.Date with only year/month/day
     - sqlite better handles datetime/date/time objects mixed and matched
       with various Date/Time/DateTime columns
     - string PK column inserts dont get overwritten with OID [ticket:603] 
 - mssql
     - fix port option handling for pyodbc [ticket:634]
     - now able to reflect start and increment values for identity columns