Mike Bayer avatar Mike Bayer committed 2db2f9f

- suppressing *all* errors in InstanceState.__cleanup() now.

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       for SQL expression purposes is still fine) [ticket:912]
 - orm
+    - suppressing *all* errors in InstanceState.__cleanup() now.  
     - Fixed cascades on a += assignment to a list-based relation.
     - synonyms can now be created against props that don't exist yet,


         instance_dict = instance_dict()
-        if instance_dict is None:
+        if instance_dict is None or instance_dict._mutex is None:
         # the mutexing here is based on the assumption that gc.collect()
         # which is normally operating upon the instance dict.
-            # if instance_dict de-refed us, or it called our
-            # _resurrect, return.  again setting local copy
-            # to avoid the rug being pulled in between
-            id2 = self.instance_dict
-            if id2 is None or id2() is None or self.obj() is not None:
-                return
-                # catch GC exceptions
+                # catch app cleanup exceptions.  no other way around this
+                # without warnings being produced
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