Mike Bayer committed 3bf4457

- fixed oracle list of binary types to check for their presence in the module (such as BFILE not in all versions of cx_Oracle)
- removed oracle-handicap from binary unit test to test [ticket:435] fix, added an extra row containing None

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     import cx_Oracle
     cx_Oracle = None
+ORACLE_BINARY_TYPES = [getattr(cx_Oracle, k) for k in ["BFILE", "CLOB", "NCLOB", "BLOB", "LONG_BINARY", "LONG_STRING"] if hasattr(cx_Oracle, k)]
 class OracleNumeric(sqltypes.Numeric):
     def get_col_spec(self):
         if cursor and cursor.description:
             for column in cursor.description:
                 type_code = column[1]
-                if type_code in (cx_Oracle.BFILE, cx_Oracle.CLOB, cx_Oracle.NCLOB,
-                                 cx_Oracle.BLOB, cx_Oracle.LONG_BINARY, cx_Oracle.LONG_STRING):
+                if type_code in ORACLE_BINARY_TYPES:
                     args['should_prefetch'] = True
         return args


             stream2 =self.load_stream('binary_data_two.dat')
         binary_table.insert().execute(primary_id=1, misc='binary_data_one.dat',    data=stream1, data_slice=stream1[0:100], pickled=testobj1)
         binary_table.insert().execute(primary_id=2, misc='binary_data_two.dat', data=stream2, data_slice=stream2[0:99], pickled=testobj2)
-        if == 'oracle':
-            res =
-            l = []
-            row = res.fetchone()
-            l.append(dict([(k, row[k]) for k in row.keys()]))
-            row = res.fetchone()
-            l.append(dict([(k, row[k]) for k in row.keys()]))
-        else:
-            l =
+        binary_table.insert().execute(primary_id=3, misc='binary_data_two.dat', data=None, data_slice=stream2[0:99], pickled=None)
+        l =
         print len(stream1), len(l[0]['data']), len(l[0]['data_slice'])
         self.assert_(list(stream1) == list(l[0]['data']))
         self.assert_(list(stream1[0:100]) == list(l[0]['data_slice']))