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Assorted unused imports from pyflakes, docstring tweaks, formatting.

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File lib/sqlalchemy/engine/

 """Default implementations of per-dialect sqlalchemy.engine classes."""
-from sqlalchemy import schema, exceptions, util
 import re, random
+from sqlalchemy import util
 from sqlalchemy.engine import base
 from sqlalchemy.sql import compiler, expression

File lib/sqlalchemy/ext/

 from sqlalchemy.orm         import sessionmaker
 from sqlalchemy.orm import backref as create_backref
-import sqlalchemy
 import inspect
 import sys

File lib/sqlalchemy/orm/

-from sqlalchemy import exceptions
 from sqlalchemy import util as sautil
 from sqlalchemy.orm.mapper import Mapper, object_mapper, class_mapper, mapper_registry
 from sqlalchemy.orm.interfaces import SynonymProperty, MapperExtension, EXT_CONTINUE, EXT_STOP, EXT_PASS, ExtensionOption, PropComparator
 from import PropertyLoader, ColumnProperty, CompositeProperty, BackRef
 from sqlalchemy.orm import mapper as mapperlib
-from sqlalchemy.orm import collections, strategies
+from sqlalchemy.orm import strategies
 from sqlalchemy.orm.query import Query
 from sqlalchemy.orm.util import polymorphic_union
 from sqlalchemy.orm.session import Session as _Session
 from sqlalchemy.orm.session import object_session, attribute_manager, sessionmaker
 from sqlalchemy.orm.scoping import ScopedSession
 __all__ = [ 'relation', 'column_property', 'composite', 'backref', 'eagerload',
             'eagerload_all', 'lazyload', 'noload', 'deferred', 'defer',
             'undefer', 'undefer_group', 'extension', 'mapper', 'clear_mappers',
             'compile_mappers', 'class_mapper', 'object_mapper', 'sessionmaker',
-            'scoped_session', 'dynamic_loader', 'MapperExtension', 'polymorphic_union',
+            'scoped_session', 'dynamic_loader', 'MapperExtension',
+            'polymorphic_union',
             'create_session', 'synonym', 'contains_alias', 'Query',
             'contains_eager', 'EXT_CONTINUE', 'EXT_STOP', 'EXT_PASS',
             'object_session', 'PropComparator' ]
 def scoped_session(session_factory, scopefunc=None):
   """Provides thread-local management of Sessions.

File lib/sqlalchemy/orm/

 import weakref, threading
 import UserDict
 from sqlalchemy import util
-from sqlalchemy.orm import util as orm_util, interfaces, collections
+from sqlalchemy.orm import interfaces, collections
 from sqlalchemy.orm.mapper import class_mapper
-from sqlalchemy import logging, exceptions
+from sqlalchemy import exceptions

File lib/sqlalchemy/sql/

 from sqlalchemy.sql.expression import *
 from sqlalchemy.sql.visitors import ClauseVisitor, NoColumnVisitor

File lib/sqlalchemy/sql/

 """Defines the base components of SQL expression trees.
 All components are derived from a common base class
-[sqlalchemy.sql.expression#ClauseElement].  Common behaviors are organized based
-on class hierarchies, in some cases via mixins.
+[sqlalchemy.sql.expression#ClauseElement].  Common behaviors are organized
+based on class hierarchies, in some cases via mixins.
 All object construction from this package occurs via functions which
 in some cases will construct composite ``ClauseElement`` structures
 to stay the same in future releases.
+import re
 from sqlalchemy import util, exceptions
 from sqlalchemy.sql import operators, visitors
 from sqlalchemy import types as sqltypes
-import re
 __all__ = [
     'Alias', 'ClauseElement', 
     'literal_column', 'not_', 'null', 'or_', 'outparam', 'outerjoin', 'select',
     'subquery', 'table', 'text', 'union', 'union_all', 'update', ]
 BIND_PARAMS = re.compile(r'(?<![:\w\x5c]):(\w+)(?!:)', re.UNICODE)
 def desc(column):

File lib/sqlalchemy/sql/

-"""define opeators used in SQL expressions"""
+# This module is part of SQLAlchemy and is released under
+# the MIT License:
-from operator import and_, or_, inv, add, mul, sub, div, mod, truediv, lt, le, ne, gt, ge, eq
+"""Defines operators used in SQL expressions."""
+from operator import and_, or_, inv, add, mul, sub, div, mod, truediv, \
+     lt, le, ne, gt, ge, eq
 def from_():
     raise NotImplementedError()
 def asc_op(a):
     return a.asc()