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- dont talk about metadata.bind
- fix some :func:->:class: declared_attr

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     engine = create_engine('sqlite://')
-The usual techniques of associating :class:`.MetaData:` with :class:`.Engine`
-apply, such as assigning to the ``bind`` attribute::
-    Base.metadata.bind = create_engine('sqlite://')
-To associate the engine with the :func:`declarative_base` at time
-of construction, the ``bind`` argument is accepted::
-    Base = declarative_base(bind=create_engine('sqlite://'))
 :func:`declarative_base` can also receive a pre-existing
 :class:`.MetaData` object, which allows a
 declarative setup to be associated with an already
 Relationships created by :func:`~sqlalchemy.orm.relationship` are provided
 with declarative mixin classes exclusively using the
-:func:`.declared_attr` approach, eliminating any ambiguity
+:class:`.declared_attr` approach, eliminating any ambiguity
 which could arise when copying a relationship and its possibly column-bound
 contents. Below is an example which combines a foreign key column and a
 relationship so that two classes ``Foo`` and ``Bar`` can both be configured to
 :class:`~sqlalchemy.orm.interfaces.MapperProperty` subclasses such as
 :func:`~sqlalchemy.orm.deferred`, :func:`~sqlalchemy.orm.column_property`,
 etc. ultimately involve references to columns, and therefore, when
-used with declarative mixins, have the :func:`.declared_attr`
+used with declarative mixins, have the :class:`.declared_attr`
 requirement so that no reliance on copying is needed::
     class SomethingMixin(object):
 specified with declarative mixins, you may want to combine
 some parameters from several mixins with those you wish to
 define on the class iteself. The
-:func:`.declared_attr` decorator can be used
+:class:`.declared_attr` decorator can be used
 here to create user-defined collation routines that pull
 from multiple collections::