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File doc/build/content/docstrings.myt

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     import sqlalchemy.sql as sql
     import sqlalchemy.pool as pool
     import sqlalchemy.mapping as mapping
+    import sqlalchemy.exceptions as exceptions
 <& pydoc.myt:obj_doc, obj=sql, classes=[sql.Compiled, sql.ClauseElement, sql.TableImpl, sql.ColumnImpl] &>
 <& pydoc.myt:obj_doc, obj=pool, classes=[pool.DBProxy, pool.Pool, pool.QueuePool, pool.SingletonThreadPool] &>
 <& pydoc.myt:obj_doc, obj=mapping &>
-<& pydoc.myt:obj_doc, obj=mapping.objectstore, classes=[mapping.objectstore.Session, mapping.objectstore.UnitOfWork] &>
+<& pydoc.myt:obj_doc, obj=mapping.objectstore, classes=[mapping.objectstore.Session, mapping.objectstore.Session.SessionTrans, mapping.objectstore.UnitOfWork] &>
+<& pydoc.myt:obj_doc, obj=exceptions &>

File lib/sqlalchemy/mapping/objectstore.py

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     get_row_key = staticmethod(get_row_key)
     class SessionTrans(object):
+        """returned by Session.begin(), denotes a transactionalized UnitOfWork instance.
+        call commit() on this to commit the transaction."""
         def __init__(self, parent, uow, isactive):
             self.__parent = parent
             self.__isactive = isactive
             self.__uow = uow
-        isactive = property(lambda s:s.__isactive)
-        parent = property(lambda s:s.__parent)
-        uow = property(lambda s:s.__uow)
+        isactive = property(lambda s:s.__isactive, doc="True if this SessionTrans is the 'active' transaction marker, else its a no-op.")
+        parent = property(lambda s:s.__parent, doc="returns the parent Session of this SessionTrans object.")
+        uow = property(lambda s:s.__uow, doc="returns the parent UnitOfWork corresponding to this transaction.")
         def begin(self):
+            """calls begin() on the underlying Session object, returning a new no-op SessionTrans object."""
             return self.parent.begin()
         def commit(self):
             """commits the transaction noted by this SessionTrans object."""