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 - create_engine() can take URLs as string or unicode [ticket:188]
 - firebird support partially completed; 
 thanks to James Ralston and Brad Clements for their efforts.
-- Oracle url translation was broken, fixed
+- Oracle url translation was broken, fixed, will feed host/port/sid
+into cx_oracle makedsn() if 'database' field is present, else uses 
+straight TNS name from the 'host' field
 - fix to using unicode criterion for query.get()/query.load()
 - count() function on selectables now uses table primary key or 
 first column instead of "1" for criterion, also uses label "rowcount"

File doc/build/content/dbengine.txt

     pg_db = create_engine('postgres://scott:tiger@localhost:5432/mydatabase')
     sqlite_db = create_engine('sqlite:///mydb.txt')
     mysql_db = create_engine('mysql://localhost/foo')
+    # oracle via TNS name
     oracle_db = create_engine('oracle://scott:tiger@dsn')
+    # oracle will feed host/port/SID into cx_oracle.makedsn
+    oracle_db = create_engine('oracle://scott:tiger@')
 The `Engine` will create its first connection to the database when a SQL statement is executed.  As concurrent statements are executed, the underlying connection pool will grow to a default size of five connections, and will allow a default "overflow" of ten.   Since the `Engine` is essentially "home base" for the connection pool, it follows that you should keep a single `Engine` per database established within an application, rather than creating a new one for each connection.
 ### Database Engine Options {@name=options}

File lib/sqlalchemy/databases/

             dsn = self.module.makedsn(,port,url.database)
             # we have a local tnsname
-           dsn =
+            dsn =
         opts = dict(