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docstring tweaks

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File doc/build/genhtml.py

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 files = [
-#    'documentation',
+    'documentation',
 parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage = "usage: %prog [options] [tests...]")
 parser.add_option("--file", action="store", dest="file", help="only generate file <file>")
 parser.add_option("--docstrings", action="store_true", dest="docstrings", help="only generate docstrings")
+parser.add_option("--version", action="store", dest="version", default="0.3.6", help="version string")
 (options, args) = parser.parse_args()
 if options.file:
     files = [file]
 title='SQLAlchemy 0.3 Documentation'
-version = '0.3.6'
+version = options.version
 root = toc.TOCElement('', 'root', '', version=version, doctitle=title)

File lib/sqlalchemy/sql.py

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     primary_key = property(lambda self:getattr(self, '_primary_key', False),
-        """Primary key flag.  Indicates if this Column represents part or 
-        whole of a primary key.
+        """Primary key flag.  Indicates if this ``Column`` represents part or 
+        whole of a primary key for its parent table.
     foreign_keys = property(lambda self:getattr(self, '_foreign_keys', []),
-        """Foreign key accessor.  Points to a list of ForeignKey objects 
-        which represents a Foreign Key placed on this column's ultimate
+        """Foreign key accessor.  References a list of ``ForeignKey`` objects 
+        which each represent a foreign key placed on this column's ultimate
     columns = property(lambda self:[self],
-        """Columns accessor which just returns self, to provide compatibility 
-        with Selectable objects.
+        """Columns accessor which returns ``self``, to provide compatibility 
+        with ``Selectable`` objects.
     def _one_fkey(self):