cleverdevil  committed 96f8ebe

Put back in the foreign-key checking code in process_relationships for
ActiveMapper. It looks like it is required by at least one person, so for
now the code will stay in!

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File lib/sqlalchemy/ext/

     # and make sure that we can find the related tables (they do not 
     # have to be processed yet, just defined), and we defer if we are 
     # not able to find any of the related tables
-    # thanks to deferred mapper compilation, this loop should no longer 
-    # be necessary -- however, I will leave it here commented out until
-    # I get the feeling that its not causing problems for people.
-    '''
     for col in klass.columns:
         if col.foreign_key is not None:
             found = False
                 if not was_deferred: __deferred_classes__.add(klass)
                 defer = True
-    '''
     # if we are able to find all related and referred to tables, then
     # we can go ahead and assign the relationships to the class