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- Assorted flakes.

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File lib/sqlalchemy/databases/oracle.py

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             rows = result.fetchall()
             if len(rows) > 1:
-                raise exceptions.AssertionError("There are multiple tables with name '%s' visible to the schema, you must specify owner" % name)
+                raise exceptions.AssertionError("There are multiple tables visible to the schema, you must specify owner")
             elif len(rows) == 1:
                 row = rows[0]
                 return row['TABLE_NAME'], row['TABLE_OWNER'], row['DB_LINK'], row['SYNONYM_NAME']

File lib/sqlalchemy/ext/declarative.py

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 Mapped instances then make usage of ``Session`` in the usual way.
-from sqlalchemy.schema import Table, SchemaItem, Column, MetaData
+from sqlalchemy.schema import Table, Column, MetaData
 from sqlalchemy.orm import synonym as _orm_synonym, mapper, comparable_property
 from sqlalchemy.orm.interfaces import MapperProperty
 from sqlalchemy.orm.properties import PropertyLoader, ColumnProperty
 from sqlalchemy import util, exceptions
-import types
 __all__ = ['declarative_base', 'synonym_for', 'comparable_using',

File lib/sqlalchemy/orm/__init__.py

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 documentation for an overview of how this module is used.
-from sqlalchemy import util as sautil
 from sqlalchemy.orm.mapper import Mapper, object_mapper, class_mapper, _mapper_registry
 from sqlalchemy.orm.interfaces import MapperExtension, EXT_CONTINUE, EXT_STOP, EXT_PASS, ExtensionOption, PropComparator
 from sqlalchemy.orm.properties import SynonymProperty, ComparableProperty, PropertyLoader, ColumnProperty, CompositeProperty, BackRef
 from sqlalchemy.orm.session import Session as _Session
 from sqlalchemy.orm.session import object_session, sessionmaker
 from sqlalchemy.orm.scoping import ScopedSession
-from itertools import chain
 __all__ = [ 'relation', 'column_property', 'composite', 'backref', 'eagerload',
             'eagerload_all', 'lazyload', 'noload', 'deferred', 'defer',

File lib/sqlalchemy/orm/mapper.py

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 from itertools import chain
 from sqlalchemy import sql, util, exceptions, logging
 from sqlalchemy.sql import expression, visitors, operators, util as sqlutil
-from sqlalchemy.sql.expression import _corresponding_column_or_error
 from sqlalchemy.orm import sync, attributes
-from sqlalchemy.orm.util import ExtensionCarrier, create_row_adapter, state_str, instance_str
+from sqlalchemy.orm.util import ExtensionCarrier, state_str, instance_str
 from sqlalchemy.orm.interfaces import MapperProperty, EXT_CONTINUE, PropComparator
 __all__ = ['Mapper', 'class_mapper', 'object_mapper', '_mapper_registry']
 ColumnProperty = None
 SynonymProperty = None
 ComparableProperty = None
+_expire_state = None
 class Mapper(object):

File lib/sqlalchemy/orm/properties.py

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 from sqlalchemy import sql, schema, util, exceptions, logging
-from sqlalchemy.sql.util import ClauseAdapter, ColumnsInClause
+from sqlalchemy.sql.util import ClauseAdapter
 from sqlalchemy.sql import visitors, operators, ColumnElement
 from sqlalchemy.orm import mapper, sync, strategies, attributes, dependency, object_mapper
 from sqlalchemy.orm import session as sessionlib
 from sqlalchemy.orm.util import CascadeOptions, PropertyAliasedClauses
 from sqlalchemy.orm.interfaces import StrategizedProperty, PropComparator, MapperProperty
 from sqlalchemy.exceptions import ArgumentError
-import weakref
 __all__ = ('ColumnProperty', 'CompositeProperty', 'SynonymProperty',
            'ComparableProperty', 'PropertyLoader', 'BackRef')