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Mike Bayer  committed 9996d0d

a correction to the recent should_exclude change. should_exclude is a little mixed
up as to when it honors "column_prefix" and when it doesn't, depending on whether or not
the prop is coming from a column name or from an inherited class. Will need more testing
to uncover potential issues here.

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File lib/sqlalchemy/orm/mapper.py

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         for column in self.mapped_table.columns:
             if column in self._columntoproperty:
+            if self._should_exclude(column.key, local=self.local_table.c.contains_column(column)):
+                continue
             column_key = (self.column_prefix or '') + column.key
                 if column in mapper._columntoproperty:
                     column_key = mapper._columntoproperty[column].key
-            if not self._should_exclude(column_key, local=self.local_table.c.contains_column(column)):
-                self._compile_property(column_key, column, init=False, setparent=True)
+            self._compile_property(column_key, column, init=False, setparent=True)
         # do a special check for the "discriminiator" column, as it may only be present
         # in the 'with_polymorphic' selectable but we need it for the base mapper