Mike Bayer  committed a3af81a

- added filter(), filter_by() to assignmapper

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       object attribute with that object's position in the list
     - small fix to SelectResultsExt to not bypass itself during
+    - added filter(), filter_by() to assignmapper
 - engines

File lib/sqlalchemy/ext/

     m = mapper(class_, extension=extension, *args, **kwargs)
     class_.mapper = m
     class_.query = classmethod(lambda cls: Query(class_, session=ctx.current))
-    for name in ['get', 'select', 'select_by', 'selectfirst', 'selectfirst_by', 'selectone', 'get_by', 'join_to', 'join_via', 'count', 'count_by', 'options', 'instances']:
+    for name in ['get', 'filter', 'filter_by', 'select', 'select_by', 'selectfirst', 'selectfirst_by', 'selectone', 'get_by', 'join_to', 'join_via', 'count', 'count_by', 'options', 'instances']:
         monkeypatch_query_method(ctx, class_, name)
     for name in ['flush', 'delete', 'expire', 'refresh', 'expunge', 'merge', 'save', 'update', 'save_or_update']:
         monkeypatch_objectstore_method(ctx, class_, name)