Mike Bayer committed a5f964d

fix adjacency list examples

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 print "----------------------------"
-t = session.query(TreeNode).filter([0]
+t = session.query(TreeNode).filter([0]
 print "\n\n\n----------------------------"
 print "Full Tree:"


         if instance.root is instance:
-      , values=dict(
+      , values=dict(
             instance.root_id =
     def append_result(self, mapper, selectcontext, row, instance, result, **flags):
 # sub-tree in one pass.  the MapperExtension will assemble the incoming
 # nodes into a tree structure.
 t = (session.query(TreeNode).
-       filter(TreeNode.c.root_id==nodeid).
-       order_by([]))[0]
+       filter(TreeNode.root_id==nodeid).
+       order_by([]))[0]
 print "\n\n\n----------------------------"
 print "Full Tree:"
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