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Mike Bayer  committed a82bbdb

continue attempting to get proper count for pybot on 2.5, ensure order_by for oracle query

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File test/dialect/oracle.py

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         self.assert_compile(query.select(), "SELECT mytable.myid, mytable.name, mytable.description, myothertable.otherid, myothertable.othername, thirdtable.userid, thirdtable.otherstuff FROM mytable, myothertable, thirdtable WHERE mytable.myid = myothertable.otherid AND thirdtable.userid = myothertable.otherid", dialect=oracle.dialect(use_ansi=False))
         query = table1.join(table2, table1.c.myid==table2.c.otherid).outerjoin(table3, table3.c.userid==table2.c.otherid)
-        self.assert_compile(query.select().limit(10).offset(5), "SELECT myid, name, description, otherid, othername, userid, \
+        self.assert_compile(query.select().order_by(table1.oid_column).limit(10).offset(5), "SELECT myid, name, description, otherid, othername, userid, \
 otherstuff FROM (SELECT mytable.myid AS myid, mytable.name AS name, \
 mytable.description AS description, myothertable.otherid AS otherid, \
 myothertable.othername AS othername, thirdtable.userid AS userid, \

File test/profiling/compiler.py

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     # TODO: this is alittle high
-    @profiling.function_call_count(125, versions={'2.3': 180, '2.4':140})
+    @profiling.function_call_count(130, versions={'2.3': 180, '2.4':140})
     def test_select(self):
         s = select([t1], t1.c.c2==t2.c.c1)