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Mike Bayer  committed b1afb37

- ReST fixes
- reverted strange jeklike symbol syntax

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File lib/sqlalchemy/orm/__init__.py

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         UNION queries.
-        Deprecated.  Synonymous with ``with_polymorphic=('*', <selectable>)`.
+        Deprecated.  Synonymous with 
+        ``with_polymorphic=('*', <selectable>)``.
         A ``Column`` which must have an integer type that will be

File lib/sqlalchemy/orm/mapper.py

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         """Iterate each element and its mapper in an object graph,
         for all relations that meet the given cascade rule.
-        type_
+        type\_
           The name of the cascade rule (i.e. save-update, delete,

File lib/sqlalchemy/util.py

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     def __reduce__(self):
         return symbol, (self.name,)
     def __repr__(self):
-        return "<symbol '%s'>" % self.name
+        return "<symbol '%s>" % self.name
 _symbol.__name__ = 'symbol'
 class symbol(object):