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Mike Bayer  committed cf64061

possible fix for MS-SQL version of match() test, but the real solution here may be to have the correct default paramstyle set up on the MS-SQL dialect.

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         for expr, check, dialect in [
             (table1.c.myid.match('somstr'), "mytable.myid MATCH ?", sqlite.SQLiteDialect()),
             (table1.c.myid.match('somstr'), "MATCH (mytable.myid) AGAINST (%s IN BOOLEAN MODE)", mysql.MySQLDialect()),
-            (table1.c.myid.match('somstr'), "CONTAINS (mytable.myid, ?)", mssql.MSSQLDialect()),
+            (table1.c.myid.match('somstr'), "CONTAINS (mytable.myid, :myid_1)", mssql.MSSQLDialect()),
             (table1.c.myid.match('somstr'), "mytable.myid @@ to_tsquery(%(myid_1)s)", postgres.PGDialect()),
             (table1.c.myid.match('somstr'), "CONTAINS (mytable.myid, :myid_1)", oracle.OracleDialect()),