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removed unneeded closure function

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       that gets truncated to 30 chars will go out to 63 characters
       on postgres.  Also, the true labelname is always attached as the
       accessor on the parent Selectable so theres no need to be aware
-      of the genrerated label names [ticket:512].
+      of the "truncated" label names [ticket:512].
     - column label and bind param "truncation" also generate 
       deterministic names now, based on their ordering within the 
       full statement being compiled.  this means the same statement


             return len(columns) and columns[0] or None
-        def col_in_collection(column, collection):
-            for c in collection:
-                if column.shares_lineage(c):
-                    return True
-            else:
-                return False
         def bind_label():
+            # TODO: make this generation deterministic
             return "lazy_" + hex(random.randint(0, 65535))[2:]
         def visit_binary(binary):
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