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more test adjustments for firebird

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File test/

         # Check that the table is useable. This is mostly for pg,
         # which can be somewhat sticky with mixed-case identifiers
-        employees.insert().execute(firstName='Joe', lastName='Smith')
+        employees.insert().execute(firstName='Joe', lastName='Smith', id=0)
         ss =
         assert ss[0].firstName == 'Joe'
         assert ss[0].lastName == 'Smith'

File test/

         # this one fails in mysql as the result comes back as a string
         assert self.res.filter(<30).sum( == 435
-    @testbase.unsupported('postgres', 'mysql')
+    @testbase.unsupported('postgres', 'mysql', 'firebird')
     def test_aggregate_2(self):
         # this one fails with postgres, the floating point comparison fails
         assert self.res.filter(<30).avg( == 14.5