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scite defaults
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use startx
1.1 KB
bashrc: load perminant history
944 B
gitconfig: set font for editor
100 B
gitignore: update dirs
286 B
gtk: change font to Cantarell
190 B
hg: support strip
3.0 KB
dotfiles2rst: relocate config
2.2 KB
muttrc: vim bindings
3.4 KB
shell_aliases: move git checkout to script
1.1 KB
shell_env: remove cruft
6.7 KB
shellrc: move environment variables into own file
4.5 KB
spectrwm: update minimize/restore
1.8 KB
tasks: use local task dir
5.1 KB
tmux: use Ctrl-Wheel for zoom
4.5 KB
xinitrc: improve session chooser
5.5 KB
zsh: use fzf (handy tool)