1. Download Saiku from Saiku home

  2. Read "README" of Saiku to know how to run it, very simple

    • export JAVA_HOME=path to bin folder
    • run
    • open web-browse at local
    • go to licensing page registry a account and registry a community licensing
    • Download licensing file to your local
    • Go to upload licensing and upload file you just download
    • now back to local and use admin/admin to login
  3. run your eclipse with idempiere (4.1) - (better use clean one)

  4. import project

  5. import project th.motive.utility

  6. change port to difference 8080

  7. run your idempiere server from eclipse with both new plugin

  8. package in test form from

  9. update role, logout/login

  10. find view bi item on menu and open it

  11. if you lucky you can see screen of saiku from idempiere like image


  • I do plugin on my environment, it build up from experience branch. but it have to run well with idempiere 4.1
  • I don't have enough time to test package also plugin run on other environment
    talk to me when you meet any issue, i will try to fix it.
  • plugin just on stage of figure out ability, Need more effort to complete

Note for pivot4j

Note for Schema Workbench

  • configuration JNDI
  • [user home]/.schemaWorkbench/workbench.log
  • [user home]/.schemaWorkbench/
  • [Schema Workbench HOME]/