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Otap Explorer Project Depends on Many Open Source Projects to Deploy.

All dependencies should reside in dependencies dir.

. django 1.3.1 is used for web application.

. doxygen is used to generate documentation.

. south is used for database migrations. (

. Python version that we develop is 2.7. It doesn't support Python 3.

. Current DB layer uses SQLite 3 that's shipped with Python. We employ django models instead of direct access.

. HTML5 is required because of heavy dependency on canvas tag. We recommend Chrome browser. We don't test in others. They may or may not work.

. OpenCV 2.4.2 is used as the most recent OpenCV version. Note that SURF and SIFT are moved to nonfree portion of OpenCV after 2.4.

. Compiled Boost 1.49 is needed, it uses many boost libraries. Please refer to otap-common.hpp in cli/otap-word-spot for this.