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still problems.

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     public void process(WikiPage page) {
-        incrementSubmits();
         indexProducers.submit(new DocIndexer(this, page, analyzer));
     public boolean offer(IndexFragment pageIndex) {
-"Adding new index fragment to queue");
+        incrementSubmits();
         return indexedDocuments.offer(pageIndex);
      * Ensure proper application shutdown
     public void shutdown() {
-"Offers - takes: {}", submits.get());
         try {
   "Waiting for indexing threads to finish!");
         } catch (InterruptedException e) {
   "Interupted while shutting down indexers");
+"Offers - takes: {}", submits.get());
         // signal all threads to stop


         if (!context.isProcessingDone()) {
             while (!shouldFlush()) {
                 try {
-                    if (context.hasOffers()) {
-                        segment.addFragment(context.take());
-                    } else {
-              "Finished all documents!");
-                        break;
-                    }
+                    segment.addFragment(context.take());
                 } catch (InterruptedException ex) {
           "Interrupted while adding docs to the index. Flushing index to disk.");
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