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Version 0.9.3



  • New RDB-based DECI Debugging System.
  • Refactored and optimized CDVDMAN and CDVDFSV.
  • New CDVDMAN streaming mechanism for better streaming performance.
  • Kinder, gentler, and hopefully better IGR mechanism
  • Added support for the DTL-T10000, for debugging.
  • Updated USB drivers - support drives greater than 1TB but less than 2TB in capacity, plus better reliability.
  • Eliminated the need for user-configurable delays in USB support.
  • Slimlined and fixed SMB support.
  • VMC Fix - Slot2 should no longer clone Slot1 and vice versa
  • Removed obsolete Compatibility Modes and needless GSM video modes.
  • New PS2RD Cheat Engine port by Doctorxyz.
  • Per-Game GSM Support.
  • Support for PC CARD consoles merged into general DEV9 support.
  • Refactored compatibility mode handling for maintainability.
  • New super-slim EE core, making mode 1 (Alt EE core) obsolete.
  • Added a workaround for some clone network adaptors.
  • Mode 7 "IOP threading hack" removed, as the new streaming mechanism has taken care of all related issues.
  • Improved reading performance of the cdrom device.
  • Improved reliability of some CDVDMAN functions, for more consistent behaviour.


  • Refreshing of the HDD game list is unsupported because it's non-PnP.
  • The USB device will now only be accessed if connected.
  • GSM moved to Game Options menu since its a Per-Game option now.
  • Infamous "Blockhead Grande" theme bug SQUARSHED!
  • New device dependent Auto-Refreshing system, for better responsiveness.
  • New Logo by Jay-Jay.
  • Improved error reporting of SMB mode.
  • GUI initialization advanced, so that the user will not have to stare at a black screen for extended periods of time.
  • Added missing icon hints.
  • Fixed the problem with the HDLDump server being difficult to shut down.
  • Fixed HDD corruption caused by deleting a game from the HDD unit.


  • New patch: Choujikuu Yousai Macross
  • New patch: Super Robot Wars IMPACT
  • Drive state of sceCdStandby has been changed to PAUSE: Check iTV
  • New streaming mechanism for better playability: Various BEMANI games

==== NOTES ====

PS2RD Cheat Engine only supports pre-loaded codes inside a CHT file at this time. Also, PS2RD builds of OPL raises game incompatibility significantly to the point where SP193 and BatRastard won't accept game compatibility reports from PS2RD enabled builds of OPL. Also, be aware that using commerical cheat engines (i.e. Codebreaker) with a PS2RD enabled build of OPL will result in a BSOD every time at game launch. You must use a non-PS2RD build for commercial cheat engines.

Version 0.9.2



  • Merged OPL/OPLGSM codebase
  • GSM Core 0.36.R - don't worry; 0.38 will be coming back better than ever!
  • GSM Core no longer supports 576p, 1080p, Skip FMVs - this is temporary.
  • GSM Core is now IGR and CodeBreaker/PS2rd compatible! (See Note 1)
  • GSM no longer included in Childproof builds.
  • Unified Makefile builds from single source tree via "GSM=0/1" argument (ala VMC/No VMC)
  • The integrated LibFreeType was removed, upgraded, and moved into the PS2SDK
  • Upgraded LIBPNG, ATAD, HDPro, and DEV9 Module Code
  • Added code for the power-off RPC, for older games. They should be compatible now.
  • Added power-off processing code. Games should be able to power-off the console now.
  • Optimzed CDVDMAN and CDVDFSV
  • Support for PSX (DVR) units
  • Built-in TLB reinitialization mechanism - no more EECORE hooking and patching.
  • Added compatibility mode 7 - "IOP Threading Hack".
  • Replaced SMAP driver.
  • Modified SMSTCPIP.
  • Ported a version of ETH Mode types from doctorxyz's OPLGSM.
  • Retired the built-in kernel update for Protokernel consoles (SCPH-10000 and SCPH-15000).


  • New "Show GSM on Main Menu" toggle in "Settings" (GSM Builds Only)
  • New "GSM Settings" on Main Menu - easier navigation! (GSM Builds Only)
  • Fixed issue with HDLSERV and GSM Settings not showing up immediately.
  • Full Ethernet controls - can disable Auto-Negotiation and force a mode.
  • Some things were are worded differently as less words carry more freight.
  • Removed redundant UDMA modes - PS2 will never handle UDMA 5 and UDMA 6.
  • Updated SMB support to give better error messages.
  • Network error codes changed slightly - 300 for connection errors, 301 for logon errors, 302 for ECHO isalive test failing, and 303 for share opening errors.


  • Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix (Gummi Fix)
  • Baldar's Gate Series (HDD)
  • Champions of Norrath (HDD)
  • New Mode 7 fixes stuttering with games such as DDR and Pop'N Music (HDD ONLY!)

Version 0.9


  • various fixes
  • added configurable USB delay (increase this value to avoid stucking on yellow or orange screen when using USB mode)
  • added delay to CDVDMAN functions (initially for Shadow Heart 2)
  • compatibility mode 7 which is unused now (remove useless code)
  • update to comply with the latest PS2SDK
  • added better cd tray emulation (fixes A2M games)
  • fix for DVD9 games
  • added HD Pro support


  • various fixes
  • Disabled auto-refresh of game list by default
  • layout adjustment
  • added hidden options to be able to define your own device delay before loading ART/config files
  • added skinnable start, select and action buttons
  • language files update
  • added "list share" feature: select one share from the list and connect it to display the games
  • added ETH Prefix
  • Support for Right-to-Left scripting (Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Tifinar, ... languages)
  • automatically create the CFG folder
  • Configuration related to DNAS/VMC/DMA/COMPAT are now saved in single per game files on each media
  • added a delay before loading per-game config file (same as Art, to not spam when navigating very fast)
  • hints now display either "Info" or "Run"
  • added loading attributes from a per-game file
  • added information page
  • Mode setting (PAL/NTSC/Auto)
  • Longer first-press delay for pads - more comfy controls on max repeat speed
  • short ELF name in App list (looks better for most themes)
  • Added option to specify the HDD spin down time out
  • Added theme support for multiple fonts
  • configurable IGR path (limited to 32 characters)
  • switch default background mode to "Art"

Version 0.8


  • secure authentication for the SMB module (to enable security and write access)
  • various SMB tweaks (NBSS keep-alive, small ingame speed-up)
  • improved NAS support for more devices (WD MyBook, Digitus NAS, ...)
  • added an embedded HDLServer into OPL to install HDD games
  • various debugging output option (to help debug failing games)
  • add compatibility for new external USB HDD with 1k/2k/4k cluster file
  • add full compatibility for old PS2 consoles (10k JAP)
  • ISO format added for USB too (still there is the 4Gb file limit, which is not present on SMB)
  • new compatibility modes
  • childproof mode (settings are locked)
  • alternate startup mode, for loading/saving configuration files from USB and HDD (no need for MC in this case)
  • added new menu to launch external ELF applications
  • added VMC (Virtual Memory Card) support
  • improved general compatibility (many specific games now working for the first time)


  • new multi-threaded and redesigned GUI
  • support for Cover, Icon and Background Art
  • skinnable interface using theme
  • added "rename" and "delete" functionalities for games lists

Version 0.7

  • Improved network startups and various fixes
  • Added internal HDD support (HDL format)
  • Added the ability to choose the default menu (USB, NET, HDD games)
  • Added the ability to use a valid disc ID for online games
  • Added a fix for modchip freezing (maybe not all modchips)
  • Many new game compatibility fixes
  • Added IGR (In Game Reset) with a disable per game option
  • Added Alphabetical Sorting
  • Changed Settings categories
  • Added page scrolling (R1/L1)
  • Added support for user language files
  • Network support added for PS3
  • Zipped Theme support
  • Added PCMCIA support for the 18K

Version 0.6

  • Switched to whole new IOP core
  • Changed some compatibility modes effect
  • Added compatibility for DVD9 layer1
  • Improved overall speed for both SMB/USB
  • Support for more embedded NAS devices
  • Support for multiple partitions

Version 0.5

  • Added compatibility modes
  • isofs/cdvdman now use disc type
  • cdvdman now has streams
  • Added network support
  • Static interface available
  • Added language support
  • It works in PS3 with PS2 emulation by software

Version 0.41

  • Added theme support
  • Now uses latest usb driver from svn

Version 0.4

  • New interface
  • Core and drivers 100% open source

Version 0.3

  • Discontinued (open usb loader starts)

Version 0.2b

  • It uses a embedded free USBD module.
  • Select video mode

Version 0.2

  • Replace USB Advance's reset function for a reset using "rom0:UDNL rom0:EELOADCNF" as argument.
  • It works in PS3 with PS2 emulation by software

Version 0.1

  • Replaces ExtraeModulo() function instead of run after that.

Version 0.0

  • Initial version